Ask Katy

As a classically trained chef, our founder wants to share her quick tips for tasty, healthy (and maybe not so healthy) cooking. If you have any cooking questions, feel free to ask Katy. Look for videos and tips being posted through our social media.

Featured video.

You can watch more Ask Katy videos on our Facebook Page and Youtube Channel!

Building a better kitchen.

These lists will give you the basics to build a kitchen ready for dishing up goodness every day.

Ask Katy Recipes

These recipes come from our founder Kathleen's kitchen - all using real ingredients to help you expand your repertoire of tasty dishes in your own kitchen.

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Togetherness is key.

Katy's love of people and passion for good food are brought together at Katy's Goodness™ for the "soul" purpose of adding more joy into our communities by sharing wholesome food that empowers community with every purchase. Only when we work together can change be even more powerful and meaningful than we could have dreamed.