Katy's GOODness, believes we need more good in our community and in our food today.  Nothing goes better together, than food and people!  With every product we produce, we focus on foods that are better for you and better for the community.  Our My OH Mega® cookies support our military veteran community as well as better snacking.  Join in our efforts to bring more  "GOOD" to our communities!  

We offer several ways!

Share and use one of our Be Good™ images

Participate in our "Make Your Discount Count" only with Grab n' Go items sold on Amazon by Katy's Goodness or our store.


Participate in our Thank a Deserving Veteran Program - as we all know, random acts of "goodness" can make a difference in a life.

Thanks and remember,



Kathleen Frantz

Founder of Katy's Goodness!

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Togetherness is key.

Katy's love of people and passion for good food are brought together at Katy's Goodness™ for the "soul" purpose of adding more joy into our communities by sharing wholesome food that empowers community with every purchase. Only when we work together can change be even more powerful and meaningful than we could have dreamed.