Why Katy's Goodness?

Katy's believes in accountability. We have checks and balances in place with our partners to ensure that your efforts are making a difference. We do this by allowing our partners to audit our efforts, and we can in turn audit theirs to make sure over 90% of funds raised go back into programs that provide a hands up to empower the veteran community.

Are the My OhMega® Cookies gluten-free?

While our cookies are whole grain, we get those grains from 100% gmo-free whole wheat flour, which naturally contains gluten.

Where can I buy My OhMega® Cookies?

You can buy them through our online shop and Amazon, or you can find them at a local retailer.

How does my purchase support the veterans in my local community?

Proceeds from the purchases of My OhMega® cookies and Veteran Cookie Gift Packages™ are divided by the regions they are purchased in and go back into those local communities through our partners. Truly a national program that gives back locally.

Can I ship my package to a FPO/APO address?

Yes. We would love to send your loved one My OhMega® cookies.

What does the Thank A Deserving Veteran™ package include?

Each Thank A Deserving Veteran™ package includes a heartfelt thank you card with information about programs from our partners that are available for those veterans who can benefit from them, six bags of Katy’s Goodness My OhMega® Cookies, and all of the shipping and handling. In addition we give a $5 donation to the very programs they are learning about for every package purchased. 

How many Thank A Deserving Veteran™ packages can I send at a time?

You can send as many as you like! The more you send, the closer we get to reaching our goal of touching as many of our nation's 22 million military veterans as possible!

I want to send a Thank A Deserving Veteran™ package to a veteran I know. Is this possible? Will I remain anonymous as the sender?

Yes, you can send a Thank A Deserving Veteran™ package to a veteran or veterans that you know. Please place a note in your order along with their address(es). Your gift will remain anonymous to follow in the theme of random acts of kindness.

How do we know a veteran gift is being sent?

We have checks and balances in place that we share with our partners, and every case is accounted for. Upon your order, we will send you a confirmation email that we received your gift. From there, your random act of kindness will be sent to a deserving veteran.

How does my gift make an impact on the veteran community?

Your gift brings random acts of kindness full circle in the veteran community. Not only are you touching a veteran or veteran family on a personal level, you are also building funds for the very programs we are sharing in the Veteran Cookie Gift Package. When we have reached 2 million veteran families, over 3.5 million dollars will be put back into the veteran community through our partners.

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Togetherness is key.

Katy's love of people and passion for good food are brought together at Katy's Goodness™ for the "soul" purpose of adding more joy into our communities by sharing wholesome food that empowers community with every purchase. Only when we work together can change be even more powerful and meaningful than we could have dreamed.