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July 27, 2016

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What is going on in this country with our food?!

August 31, 2016


It's not just our food; our politics and communities are all up in disarray. it is as if we are rocking the boat, but no one really gets who is rocking the boat. To make matters even more interesting, we all are aware at a primal level that change needs to happen, but without a managed plan we will not get anywhere - we will just keep rocking. I don't know many that like rocking the boat over and over or even at all!


We are a country of extremes: over informed, misinformed and quite frankly, confused (especially in our food world), unless, of course, you are on top of the trends and basic understandings of food.


Much like the political environment in our country, we have gone food crazy, and I don't think it is very favorable for many people. While I strongly believe we need to clean up the food scene, we need to be careful of how we clean it up. Unlike politics, our food is what fuels our bodies, and without it, politics really would be a moot point!


Time to get back to basics, limit the garbage food items and improve on the key operating mandates of food: such as fruits, vegetables, and prepared foods made with wholesome ingredients, no preservatives, no chemicals, diversified growing methods and educate, educate, educate. The more society understands the basics, the better we are armed to make a choice, or even have choices available.


Strip away the bureaucracy of the food giants that manipulate marketing messages and train the taste profiles of so many to eat only the foods that are easier to mass produce.


I am not saying take down the big food companies as a whole, but use our strength to remodel them, to build a broader base and spread it out more in smaller communities, helping to teach, reeducate and create more jobs. What is a penny, really? Yes, they add up and they can add up big, but if it helps strengthen the whole and keep the large company keeping the working community employed in a broader way while improving the community, then... What is the difference, what is truly the more economic, vivacious answer?


Perhaps the corporate mentality of streamlined, over-processed efficiency can actually do the same when it is more diverse and spread out. Perhaps what once worked for so many Americans and people around the world in days gone by is the way out - just modified to bring out the best overall and retain the economics and reach of the smaller communities. Can it be done - or can't it? I say it can, and I welcome the challenge to see bigger companies asking the same thing.


Are we a people for the people or are we people for the corporate world? What about people creating corporations that empower people and their communities - let's work together a tad bit more; let's spread it out a bit, and if you are a big company, make it work like many small companies do: spread out and impact all!


Be Good,

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