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Where are we today?

July 27, 2016

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Where are we today?

July 27, 2016


Where are we as a society with our food supply, with our communities, with our families, and with ourselves? It's a big question indeed, possibly too big to answer in a single blog post. Perhaps it's time for a reboot?


In my experience, people and food are amazing - nothing short of amazing. So why do we think the world is out to get us, that there is no peace? When was the last time you had a big laugh with a friend or just hung out and enjoyed the day with a simple meal made from the goodness of a person's efforts and shared with one another?


I consider myself lucky; as hard as I travel and work, I am reminded weekly that I have friends to break bread with and to have a laugh with. We all bring something to the table, from food to flowers or just helping with setup/cleanup. It is a family we've chosen. While we may not like some of the food provided or what someone in our group may do, we don't judge; we accept, embrace, and enjoy the time we have together. We need more of that every day, everywhere - more goodness in the food we eat and in our communities.


It's time for some GOOD to rock this world, this country, your community, your family, and most importantly, yourself. Make sure it's not from social media, where society is living life idolizing a showcase of how great one's life is, but rather from in-person experiences and live interaction. Get out, meet some people, touch someone, be accountable, act with good intentions, and apologize if needed, but accept! Only when we come together will we get the change we want to see. Many people already do this, but many more need to follow suit. I would love to learn more about how you are doing this and what you're doing to encourage others to do the same.


Be Good,

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Togetherness is key.

Katy's love of people and passion for good food are brought together at Katy's Goodness™ for the "soul" purpose of adding more joy into our communities by sharing wholesome food that empowers community with every purchase. Only when we work together can change be even more powerful and meaningful than we could have dreamed.