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Low Sugar, No Sugar! Why is it so important?

August 3, 2016


Much like tobacco, added sugar has been made the talk of the town! Actually it presents itself as a bigger problem than tobacco could ever dream. And don't fool yourself, sugar is everywhere. Some would even say that sugar is so widespread, it's almost impossible to avoid without clear intention. Reports are widespread and repetitively giving the same message: our sugar consumption on the average is three pounds a week. Think about that. 200 years ago, we consumed approximately two pounds of sugar a year! Yes, that is mind blowing.


You may be wondering why a pastry chef who creates cookies and snacks would post such a thing. Here's why. Sugar is the enemy in most people's diets. Now, does that mean we quit added sugar all together? No, but we should start expecting food to be made without added sugars where they were never meant to be. That is only a start. The real change needs to start with you. Cut the sugar way back - even cut it out completely for at least three months. Retrain your tastebuds to not eat anything with added sugar, excessive amounts, or natural derivatives of sugar (such as fructose) in it. Then you can go back and reintroduce sugar as a treat or snack, and limit, limit, limit. It's okay to have the occasional sweet.


The new FDA added sugar limit is less than 10% of your daily dietary intake. So grab a treat, grab a cookie, but LOOK at the ingredients (specifically the grams of added sugar), and if you really like super sweet treats, then limit the times you consume and remove as many of the other added sugar items you consume as possible. Make better choices for you and stay away from white refined sugars if you can. You will be surprised just how sweet things really are when you do and how little you'll enjoy over-processed or added sugar items.


I went off sugar for one year. I lost weight, I had more energy, and I really learned how much sugar is in everything because I had to read labels closer, ask for ingredient statements at restaurants, and refrain from some of my favorite beverages. So give it a try for just three little months and see if you can conquer this challenge. Then get back with me and share your experience of what it was like to bring sugar back and how you felt before and after reintroducing sugar to your diet.


Be Good,

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